We Divorce Poverty

Lately I've observed a stark contrast between people that are in 'bunker mentality' fighting to survive in a 'war' (whether real or not) and those stepping up, standing out and advancing in family, in business and in life. BOTH are in the same environment.

The difference to me is

1. Perspective,

2. Identity and,

3. Intentional generosity - of time, talent, resources.

The first group are in a bunker thinking mostly of themselves. This is poverty. The second group are thinking about their family, their team, their community. The key to shift? Divorcing poverty of mind - smallness of perspective and power, and embracing intentional generosity.

You can listen to the podcast here.

WE divorce poverty

My victory is not mine alone. Poverty caps you and limits you from what God has in mind for you. It ALSO limits you to you… it silo's you with your own life and cancels the corporate victory that you are called to be a part of.

Generosity uncaps you and unlocks you to be a part of an investment community where we get to see all around us lifted up. The gospel is not good news for me alone; it is good news for US.

WE divorce poverty, small mindedness, stinginess and lack. We embrace generosity and victory and intentionally look how we can help those around us advance. So… grab a couple friends and tell one another:

1. What would victory look like over the next few weeks in your business?

2. Exchange lists with one another so that you get to pray over their victory as if it was your own.

3. What could you practically and intentionally do to help one another gain a victory?

So, what will you do this week?

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