Leadership Summit Summary

We just completed our first in-person conference in over 12 months. The theme was how to lead like Christ in the midst of uncertainty. Our keynote speakers were Kris Vallotton, Shae Bynes, Ford Taylor and Andy Mason. Here's a summary of learning...

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Day 1 - POSITIONED - testimony of the African Violet following the sun

Voice | Vision | Volume

You were born for this! Electricians don't complain about broken wires. Plumbers don't complain about broken pipes. Doctors don't complain about sick people. YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD... don't complain if it's dark... S H I N E !

Framework vs. Blueprint. The framework is the generic system or structure. The blueprint is specific to you. Don't copy other people's blueprint - you have to find that for yourself. 

Grace vs. Grind - See Shae Byne's book Grace Over Grind: How Grace will take your business where grinding can't

VPMOSA  - Vision | Purpose | Mission | Objectives | Strategy | Action. Find out more in Ford Taylors book Relactional Leadership or checkout his on-demand training 

Day 2 - Hope that results in Action

You’re dead – Christ lives in you - It is written. No more excuses. You can heal. You can heal. You can do miracles. These sign's follow them that believe...

Host | Hear | Heal

6-Step apology from Ford Taylors book or training. This is what I did... I was wrong. I am sorry/apologize. Will you, or when you can, will you forgive me? I give you permission to hold me accountable to not do this again. Is there anything else I need to apologize for?

Wisdom: Source vs. Resource. If I treat the resource as the source I may lose both. God is the Source. He chooses to give us what we need through people (or books or...). As you are listening or reading, ask Holy Spirit what He is saying specifically to you through this resource.

Love looks like… Aware & Engaged. Who can you reach out to hear their story to grow in awareness of people different to you?

Day 3: It's You - Own it!

Host | Hear | Heal - businesses came in to the confernece and the attendees were activated to pray for them. The testimonies were life-changing!

Love looks like… communication

Marriage wisdom

Culture: Head to Paper to People

Follow the Voice

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