How to Foolproof Your Life

humility leadership pride Feb 02, 2021

Nobody likes to find that they have acted foolishly and have to unravel a mess. Truth is, we ALL have done things, either ignorantly or intentionally, that have turned out to be simply wrong. So, is there a way to foolproof your life, your marriage, your business?


To be clear, this is NOT about avoiding making mistakes. If you don't want to make any mistakes you should never start a business, or play a sport, or get married, or try something new.....

Mistakes are part of life and learning and curiosity... which lead to growth. On the other hand, stubbornly holding onto mistakes, or negative beliefs, or toxic situations, are what becomes foolish. (Yep, I've done that!)  So how do you foolproof yourself? How do you set up bumpers or boundaries to ensure you don't wake up a year from now and realize you have been feeding stupid?


Sounds easy, but is a lifetime choice and practiced behavior. Here are 15 attributes of humility from Kris Vallotton (recorded originally at Bethel Church in March 2020).

15 Attributes of Humility:

1. You pray.

Prayer is an act of humility, acknowledging your Creator and seeking His wisdom and help.

Prayerlessness is the ultimate arrogance - Kris Vallotton

2. You are influence-able

3. You can be corrected without defending yourself

The thing about blindspots is that you can't see them! That's why you need people around you that you trust to help you see what you can't.

4. You rejoice when others are celebrated

Anyone can do this when someone excels at something that is not your passion. Humility celebrates others even when they are succeeding in the very area that you want to stand out.

5. There is no job too small for you

6. You don't always have to be right

7. You naturally seek advice from other people

Pride is being the smartest person in the room.

8. You are teachable

Leaders are learners; lifetime learners. You are NEVER too old, experienced, rich, professional, accomplished... to LEARN.

9. You freely admit your flaws, mistakes and failures

Authenticity is the new normal. This requires humility because it is vulnerability that leads to trust. 

10. You live to help others succeed 

Your true measure of success is how many other's succeed because of your service.

11. You are not easily offended

If you cannot forgive and let go, you will eventually find yourself living in arrogance.

12. You are thankful

Thankfulness inoculates you against arrogance and pride.

13. You don't live entitled

Nobody owes you anything. Actually, your life today is a result of someone else's sacrifice of freedom or finance or hard work or innovation. Refer to #12.

14. You are quick to forgive

15. You are confident in who you are and content in who you are not

Which attribute do you feel stirred that you need to pay attention to right now?


Kris Vallotton is the Senior Associate Leader of Bethel Church and cofounder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM). Kris travels internationally training and equipping people to successfully fulfill their divine purpose. He’s a bestselling author, having written more than a dozen books and training manuals to help prepare believers for life in the kingdom. He has a diverse background in business, counseling, consulting, pastoring and teaching, which gives him unique leadership insights and perspectives. Kris has a passion to use his experience and his prophetic gift to assist world leaders in achieving their goals and accomplishing their mission. He’s the author of the popular blog, Kris Vallotton: Raw, Real & Relevant.



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