Disasters, Navy Walruses and Dual Citizenship...

What does a follower of Jesus, in business, do when the going gets really difficult? Do you shrink back and look for option 'B'? Do you dig deep and declare "I was BORN FOR THIS?"

In this post (recorded while my family and I were displaced as a result of a wildfire) I talk through what I learned from observing others and what I was personally convicted over. You can listen on Apple Podcasts Here

1. Disaster and difficulty are a gift to cut through all the double-mindedness and force us to choose what we will do. Stay or leave? Invest or escape? Show up or hide out? No more luke-warmness. 

2. There is always an option. Our friend was in the city when a second wildfire started leaving his family trapped behind the road block without a vehicle. What could he do?

What would you do? We tried contacting first responders I knew, but that didn't help. We tried looking at alternative roads, but that didn't help. Then we took another look at the map...

3. As a follower of Jesus, you are a citizen of Heaven. You are not of this world! BUT that doesn't mean your earthly citizenship is irrelevant. It is the opposite - Your earthly citizenship got UPGRADED BECAUSE of your citizenship in Heaven. You are a dual citizen. AND the citizenship of Heaven gives you access to resources that are desperately needed here on earth.

So how well are you living as a citizen? How well are you representing the Kingdom of God in your business or city or family? 

What will you do about that?

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