"In these pages you'll find a guide who has a string of successes finding exactly what you are looking for. Andy Mason is a hope seeking missile!"

Danny Silk, Author of Keep Your Love On and The Culture of Honor

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Just 10 minutes can transform your day, giving you practical wisdom, hope and courage.

If you feel life is sometimes crazy you are not alone!

Finding Hope in Crazy Times is a series of 30 daily devotionals adapted from Andy's personal journal. In less than ten minutes, you can:

  • Read a quick real-life story, 

  • Hear what God says, 

  • Connect it to your own situation, and 

  • Apply a hope-filled action step to your day.

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Kris Vallotton

"Andy courageously opens his personal journal and shares the tenacious journey of his family's desire to go after God's vision for their lives, gripping onto hope regardless of their circumstances. This timely and practical book cuts through life's momentary setbacks and phenomenally proclaims, God is bigger than your disappointments!"

Kris Vallotton, Author of Poverty, Riches and Wealth and The Supernatural Ways of Royalty

Shae Bynes

"Life is a wild and crazy adventure, and if you've found yourself in the midst of challenging times, you will surely find your own story within these pages. More importantly you'll find encouragement and will encounter the goodness of an extravagantly loving God."

Shae Bynes, Founder of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur and Author of Grace Over Grind

"Andy's practical testimonies opened up new caverns of hope in my heart to see and hear the Father in a fresh way for my own life.This book will surely help you take your eyes off the size of the challenge you may be facing, and put them back on His goodness, His kindness, and His faithfulness to make us the head and not the tail every situation."

Carla Pratico, Founder of She Roars and President of Polus Digital, Inc., NYC



Finding Hope in Crazy Times: Daily Stories of Hearing God 

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What People are Saying:

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Relatable and Inspiring

Well written, well-edited and easy to read. Any time I felt myself feeling anxious or worried about the state of my life, this book reminded me of what REALLY mattered and WHO I need to look to! I loved it!

K. Carter


This book speaks to the heart and many issues we all face daily! Truth is spoken and the journey is revealed.



Timely read for 2020 and I'm sure on-wards. A great read written by a person who is doing this on a daily basis!

Amazon Customer

A book on having an unshakeable hope!

Irrespective of our circumstances or what we face, the book encourages us to always have hope in God who is "extravagant, expressive, generous, passionate and abundantly beautiful".

Ay Ak
"Send me my free book today!"

The Practical Application of Hope

In this series of 30 short, punchy devotionals, Andy Mason unloads to us the golden keys he has gained over the past 10 years of walking through many difficult challenges.
This book doesn't only contain a few average insights, but rather very deep and real lessons that we can all apply in our own challenging life situations. Even if the lesson itself doesn't apply to you on a particular day, much can be learned by observing how Andy thinks and addresses the crazy times that occur in his life in order to come to a place of hope.
It couldn't come at a better time for the world. Thank you for your vulnerability Andy!

Peter Drummond

Find God, Find Hope!

Andy reveals his journey as an entrepreneur, a husband, a father, a leader and a friend. It’s raw, real and relevant. With simple day to day life stories, he shares insights that helped me to overcome jealousy, unforgiveness, hopelessness, and fear of man. Now I choose to celebrate others, I choose forgiveness, hope and courage.

This is a book that will help you to grow in the midst of tensions and contradictions. If you want to upgrade your mindset to find purpose, joy, and hope in God, in yourself, and in your people, you must read this book. Read a chapter with your morning coffee. You will be able to start fresh and start with hope as I did. 🙂

Ana Esperanza Lin

A real encouragement to take hold of the hope we have in God!

In this great book full of faith and wisdom Andy Mason takes us on a real journey of faith. Andy’s warmth, honesty, faith and deep trust in God really shine through as he shares stories from his life and family.

Each chapter ends with both practical (Today’s Action) and prophetic (Going Deeper) encouragement to guide us deeper into a lifestyle of daily trusting in God and of working with Him.


Real Stories coupled with real practical life applications

The author brings real life stories into direct context with what practical spiritual living looks like. This journey of a family that exhibits real faith and simple acts of trusting and obeying God, runs parallel to “the process” that so many christians tend to rush. Life is an adventure with Jesus. I enjoyed reading about Andy and Janine’s life journey and God’s process, and seeing how God always has a provision ready for all of us in every life circumstance... in His perfect timing. Enjoying this read, and highly recommend this book to anyone that is seeking to follow practical applications of how life experiences correlate with heavenly perspectives and blessings.

Evan Barker